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  • Bellevue Medical Center
  • Tannous Ghostine
  • Lebanese Welfare Association for the Handicapped
  • Khabbaz Orient Plus Travel & Tourism s.a.r.l.
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  • Cornerstone Public Relations SAL
  • Elrayess Chtaura
  • Maison Du Futur
  • Festival Al Bustan
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  • ETS. F.A Kettaneh SA
  • Achillea
  • Harb Real Estate
  • FARM Superstores
  • U Group Worldwide Inc
  • Hospitality News Middle East magazine
  • Mireille Dagher - Salon de Couture
  • Fancy Bid
  • Makhzoumi Foundation
  • Galerie Vanlian
  • Amaken sarl
  • URBAN EAT sal
  • Water Center
  • Amana Capital
  • Avit Holidays
  • Mouftah el Chark


Bach Moda
Bach New Collection
Societe Libanaise d'Ingenierie (SLI)
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Faculte de Gestion et de Management de l'USJ
Recrutement de la 20e promotion du MBA international Paris
Abboud Insecticides
No Insects Anymore
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Online Advertising

There are two principal reasons that have motivated organizations to beef up their budget allocation for online advertising. Primarily, the increasing web usage that prepares a huge potential market to be fielded through ads and secondly, the development of targeted advertising formats.  There are myriads of social media platforms, chat rooms, portals, websites, etc. to catch the attention of the prospective buyers and this is what Online Advertising is aimed at.

Online Advertising is a blend of art and science in which art is visible in creative elements such as graphics, content, layout, format, use of colors, animations, etc. and science involves the strategic planning regarding the target market, the platforms to be used, the frequency and duration of ads and much more.

We are adept in the art and science of Online Advertising and resort to latest CPC & CPM techniques to get widespread exposure for your business. We are experts in planning, designing and implementing Online Ad Campaigns. Right from planning of ad to its eventual placing on popular social media platforms like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ & more, we will be dealing with all the aspects of your online ad campaign. We design and place a wide variety of online ads including banner ads, pop-up ads, pop-under ads, interstitials, site takeovers and many more.

What We Do?

  • Marker We will chalk out the strategy, plan the whole ad campaign and assess the results.
  • Marker Design interactive banners for effective online advertising depending on your specific business needs.
  • Marker Book ads on popular websites.
  • Marker Pay per Click (PPM) and Cost per Impressions (CPM) are used to help you enhance your online visibility.
  • Marker We will assist you in segmenting target market for success of online ad campaign.
  • Marker We will schedule and manage your online spending and keep you update with objective reports on the progress of ad campaign.

So, to give your business a new lease of life or for shaping your brand’s image and reputation with effective Online Advertising, you should contact us. Our team is ready to address any of your queries related to Online Advertising. Please feel free to contact us at anytime.

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