SMS Marketing

Instant Sending .. Immediate Response

Digital ITS has developed an exclusive in-house application Sweepax for SMS scheduling and targeting prospects. The application enables the users to send SMSs to prospects in Lebanon and all across the Middle East and North Africa region.  Sweepax is our online system where users can create lists of numbers and add contacts to deliver bulk SMSs. We maintain a targeted database in Lebanon and it is categorized by gender, age, income, profession, etc.

Targeted SMS Marketing

Businesses can create groups and write messages as per the customer’s requirement. In this way, no message got wasted and delivered to the right person with the right information.

Improves Customers Engagement

This is the only strategy that likely to get a high response. It supports customer interaction and regular engagement with the businesses.

Cost Effective

SMS marketing is quite cheaper than any other marketing strategy and gives instant results. This makes the strategy cost efficient.


Digital ITS offers different packages to meet your needs and budget. You can check below for the details:

Package Price per Cr. Package Price
    5,000 Credits $ 0.01 $ 50.00
  10,000 Credits $ 0.0085 $ 85.00
  25,000 Credits $ 0.008 $ 200.00
  50,000 Credits $ 0.007 $ 350.00
100,000 Credits $ 0.0065 $ 650.00

Prices are in Cash USD and are subject to 11% VAT.