Personalized Email Marketing

A powerful and effective marketing tool

For our customers who seek greater privileges in Email Marketing we are ready with yet another powerful and effective marketing tool. This enables the users to manage their list, tracking, sharing and scheduling at a specific date and time and enables you to plan, create, upload and send your email campaigns to your various lists wherever you are and whenever you want.

Web Based Interface

Web Based Interface allows you to use the platform anytime, anywhere with internet connection being the only requirement

Custom Email Templates

It enables you to design and send mails that meet your specific business requirements.

Creating Your Message

You have the option to choose from a number of Premium Templates. You can even design one


Assessing your marketing campaigns gets more professional. The tool allows comprehensive reporting and analytics for your contacts & campaigns.

Managing Contacts

Managing mailing contacts becomes very easy. You can easily create lists with custom fields, import and export contacts along with list segmentation.

Schedule, Save, Send

Running your marketing campaign gets easier and sophisticated with automation. You need to choose date & time for sending emails and it will run automatically without referring back to us.


Below are our Prices for Grayfox Email Marketing tool:


Package Price per Cr. Package Price
25,000 Credits $ 0.005 $ 125
50,000 Credits $ 0.004 $ 200
100,000 Credits $ 0.0035 $ 350
250,000 Credits $ 0.0024 $ 600
500,000 Credits $ 0.002 $ 1,000
1,000,000 Credits $ 0.00175 $ 1,750
Standard Ad Design – 72 dpi $ 35

Prices are in USD and are subject to 11% VAT.