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Clients Served Active Clients 2,220
Shots Sent Shots sent 42,033
Views on Ads Views on Ads 1,502,252,590
Outer Clicks Outer clicks 18,768,793
SMS Sent SMS sent 31,130,413


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  • Spinneys
  • Management Mix
  • Ayanian Group
  • Strat Associates
  • Harb Real Estate
  • Arnaoon Village
  • Green Life Diet Center
  • Physioshape
  • Cherfane Tawil&Co
  • Quandoo
  • Berytech scal
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  • Art Promotion
  • BroPenny
  • Allianz SNA
  • Middle East Star travel & tourism
  • Day Dream
  • Casa Fekra
  • Kurban Travel
  • Sodetel
  • Nicolas Electric
  • Carrefour
  • URBAN EAT sal
  • Abdul Rahman Hallab & Sons 1881
  • Mouftah el Chark
  • Happy

GrayFox Mailing List Solution enables you to plan, create, upload and send your email campaigns to your various lists whenever you want.



Digital ITS has developed an exclusive in-house application Sweepax for SMS scheduling and targeting prospects. The application enables the users to send SMSs to prospects in Lebanon and all across the Middle East and North Africa region.  Sweepax is our online system where users can create lists of numbers and add contacts to deliver bulk SMSs. We maintain a targeted database in Lebanon and it is categorized by gender, age, income, profession, etc.

Featuring a power-packed technology, our Sweepax guarantees delivery of your marketing messages to the intended target market. Sweepax is powered with a Web Based Interface to manage/schedule your SMS Campaigns. We can also provide you with preset lists of mobile numbers in the MENA Region for targeted audience to meet your marketing objectives.

Starting your marketing campaign gets very easy with the use of Sweepax. You need to create an account and that authorizes you avail the services of this exclusive SMS marketing application. We use local and international telephony suppliers with MTC and Alfa being our local operators, which enables a 100% delivery guarantee. With Sweepax there are absolutely no technological and physical barriers between you and your marketing prospects.


Cost Effective Tool
Our SMS Marketing tool is one of the most cost efficient in the Mobile market.
Immediate Response Rate
Since this is a One to One service combined with our guaranteed delivery, your Campaign will get Immediate response the users.  
Mass & Targeted Reach
Reach out to people from outside your Business and expand your Business beyond your boundaries. Or, select your target from our wide range of categories.
Create & Go
Create your account and launch your campaigns anytime with our flexible easy-to-use system.

Guaranteed Delivery

Sweepax uses our local operators SMS gateways to allow high delivery rate on short time. Each SMS will have a lifespan of 24 hours. If a number is unreachable during these 24 hours, it will retry sending before being dropped.

In order to deliver an excellent service and quality, Digital ITS perform daily testings on the SMS routes to assure the high delivery to achieve high feedback.


Digital ITS offers different packages to meet your needs and budget. You can check below for the details:

Package Price per Cr. Package Price
    1,000 Credits 5.5 Cents $ 55.00
    5,000 Credits 3 Cents $ 150.00
  10,000 Credits 2.75 Cents $ 275.00
  25,000 Credits 2.5 Cents $ 625.00
  50,000 Credits 2.25 Cents $ 1,125.00
100,000 Credits 2 Cents $ 2,000.00

Prices are in USD and are subject to 11% VAT.

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