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Email Marketing

Conventional ways of marketing are getting a tough competition from powerful and effective techniques of Email Marketing. In the recent years Email Marketing has revolutionized the way business is done. This online marketing strategy is very productive and impactful when it comes to grabbing the attention of the target, generating interest, building desire and eventually in motivating to take favorable action.

Email Marketing drives home several advantages including direct interaction, cost efficiency, immediacy, quick results, opportunity to personalize marketing messages, segmenting and testing offers and many more. No doubt, marketers are bidding farewell to conventional marketing means and resorting to the ways of “future”.

Digital ITS offers its customers in Lebanon and Middle East, three different services to reach to their prospects and communicate their marketing messages in an effective way. Every service is designed and developed to meet your expectations. We ensure prompt delivery of your messages and to the right segment of target market thus enabling your business flourish at swift pace.

eCAMM is our bulk Email Marketing Service in Lebanon & the Middle East covering over 12 Arab Countries.

eCAMM Plus is the personalized Email Marketing for your private lists offering the lowest prices in the market.

GrayFox Mailing List Solution enables you to plan, create, upload and send your email campaigns to your various lists whenever you want.

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