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Multimedia Services

Digital ITS is proud of its team of experienced and expert multimedia professionals and their innovative ideas. Multimedia is a dynamic technology with changes and developments taking place in flashes. Our multimedia professionals keep pace with the changing technologies and provide the latest multimedia solutions to give our clients a competitive edge over their rivals.

Our expertise lies in creating CD Rom based learning programs, corporate presentations, online games, scientific & biomedical animations and much more. Our professionals are proficient in using multimedia technologies thus offering you unmatched solutions. We emphasize in offering solutions that are customized for the specific requirements of your project. We realize that biased or incorrectly chosen technology could ruin even the most perfectly planned and designed project.

Our Multimedia Development ensures maximum penetration with higher acceptance levels. We bring together the best in multimedia technologies so that you stay one step ahead of your competitors.

Our Multimedia Services Include:

Marker 2D/3D Animation or Flash Movie Design using Flash
Marker Corporate Presentation / CD Development
Marker Online Product Presentation
Marker Animation for Banner design / TV commercial / Virtual Product
Marker 2D Character design
Marker Logo animations

Our track record makes us proud. To our credit we have Flash base website, flow diagrams, logo animations, corporate presentation and many more. The Multimedia solutions rendered by us lay credence to our claims and, this is what our customers have to say. If you're interested in getting a quote, please fill in the form given below.

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